Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wrap up of July

Now that August is almost wrapped up and over, I'll try and get you caught up on July. And then August. And hopefully we can get all caught up before the new term starts and I become even BUSIER with teaching.
It probably won't happen, but here's to hoping!

Anyway, let's start!

As I said in my last post, I was really busy with applying for a predoctoral fellowship. I'm happy to announce that its officially passed to a review stage and I should hear back about the decision in the end of October!
July was busy with this writing, but I was also very immersed in working on my cloning and sequencing project. I've really enjoyed this, although at the moment its been lagging due to waiting for new supplies to arrive in, because its brand new work for me. DNA and RNA work it very different to protein work, which is what my emphasis has been on. I've got nothing exciting yet to report about this experiment, but when I do I'll mention it. So watch this spot!

This summer I've also been really focused on working on my health. I'm trying to implement a 90/10 clean eating diet and have actually been able to do it really well for awhile (I fell off the wagon recently this week, but let's ignore that little fact....). With that, I've also been working on a strength as well as a running program. I'm really enjoying both, although had to invest in a pair of new running shoes to keep down my old ankle injuries. I'm over half way through the strength program (a lifting for women program) and already have my next program set up. The running program is close to completion- which means I am quite close to being able to run a 5k! I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "That's easy", but for me that's a big deal! And I'm actually enjoying running with Ben and progressing with each run, which for me is great.

Its hard to celebrate the Fourth of July in England.... if you spend even a little brain power on that, you will figure out why. So Ben and I celebrated through gluttony- the most American tradition I can think of. We had BBQ on the actual 4th and American brunch the Saturday. I wouldn't usually mention this, but I think its worth putting in a few reviews:
For BBQ on the 4th, we tried a new restaurant. I won't bother reviewing that as it wasn't anything special, but I would like to talk about World's End and their BBQ Shack. Let me just say- wow. It is a little piece of home, living in Brighton, London Road. I've found that A LOT of food here (especially food from the Americas) is a weak attempt at the real thing. And Brighton has a weird mix of weak attempts (SUPER bland for a white palate) or REALLY delicious. World's End falls under REALLY delicious. Its probably my second favorite BBQ ever... which is a big deal considering its in England (American BBQ isn't widespread over here).
For American breakfast, I was again let down by a weak attempt at legit food. I haven't yet found good American, or really Californian, breakfast here. And I'm starting to doubt I will. However, I've grown partial to the English fry up and there's a few good ones kicking around Brighton. First off, Mange Tout is THE best breakfast in Brighton. Lots of different option (not just variations on a cheap fry up) and a bit fancier than your typical greasy spoon. The best fry up lives at Bill's. But again, its fancier than your typical. If you want a typical and cheap English, go to Seven Bees. Its great and doesn't leave you feeling like a brick is in the pit of your stomach for hours afterwards. Another great breakfast place is Billie's. It doesn't fall under American, or English, or fancy. But they've got breakfast hashes that are AMAZING and I feel bad for anyone in Brighton who hasn't eaten there yet.
I really like reviews and I really like food. Each new city that I move to, I make a list of cafes, bars, and restaurants to go to. Two years living in Brighton, I've established a pretty good idea of what's good and what's not here. I've still got a bit of a list, but will definitely eat and drink my way through it by graduation.

Now back to me, for those who don't live in Brighton and don't care about the food scene here. About half way through July, Ben and I went to London for the day to go on some walking tours. Sadly, I only took one picture:
But it was from our favorite tour. There's an area, not quite sure where, that is for super rich men. But it seems like the shops are from decades ago. They've got bicycles like the one above, badger hair shaving brushes, monocles... It was great!

Ben and I have also been going on hiking/walking adventures around Brighton. The countryside around here is beautiful and occasionally the weather is really nice in the summertime!

That's it for July. I'll catch you up on August later.

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