Monday, February 23, 2015

February sneaks away...

February started with a quick trip to NYC after an invite to visit a lab. And by "quick" I mean that I flew in Monday and flew out Wednesday. With a full days worth of visiting the lab on Tuesday. I got to see a lot of the lab and met a lot of great people, but didn't really see much of NYC. However, there were a few things I experienced:
There was more snow than I have ever seen:

Once at Columbia medical school, I had a fab view out of my window:

Yes, that's the Hudson River with huge chunks of ice floating in it.

And on Wednesday, before my flight, I took a hop-on hop-off tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Considering I had my bags with me and only had about 5 hours to spare, this was the best way to see the city. However, I would never ever recommend seeing any city this way. As I'm sure anyone who reads this blog knows, I'm an avid traveler. And sitting on a bus, with an announcer who keeps reminding you that they appreciate tips, really is NO way to experience a city. Especially a city like NYC, which has a great subway system and has little communities that are easily walkable. But anyway, here's what I saw on my bus tour:

Some exciting news popped up in Feb- the announcement of Harper Lee's new book!!!! The sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, which is one of my favorites. CANNOT WAIT. (really, this is all I have to say about this. I was just too excited not to mention it)

Some delicious food happened during Feb as well.
Greek Burgers. From The Kitchen is Calling

Rabbit Ragout with Pan Fried Gnocchi. From The Hungry Excavator

Italian Herb Vegetable Sandwich. From No Gogis No Glory

Lemongrass Chicken. From A Food Centric Life

Of course, Valentine's Day is smack bang in the middle of February. Ben and I went to breakfast at Bill's the day of, but them postponed our fancy date night meal until the following Thursday where we went to Food for Friends. Both Bill's and Food for Friends are fantastic options in Brighton. As I'm sure any Brightonian would tell you.

There was also a very exciting and fantastic concert that we went to this month. Bear's Den, a folksy trio, are absolutely amazing. Ben and I have seen them 3 times now and never fail to impress. My favorite is when they enter the crowd and play acoustic music while surrounded by their fans. So good :).

And finally, I'm very happy to announce that I have accepted a postdoctoral position and that Ben and I will be moving to New York later in the year. It will be a huge change, but a fantastic opportunity and we are both excited.