Sunday, April 20, 2014

March 2014

Early in the month, Ben and I went up to London to meet with Megan and Ed. We started our journey in a new area- London Bridge. London Bridge has Borough Market right by the train station, a foodie haven that we had never been to before. BUT THE MARKET!!!! It is amazing! I can't wait to go back and try more of the tasty treats:

We had some cider from New Forest and a Hot Salt Beef Sandwich. OM NOM NOM NOM! It was great getting to spend good time with friends and wander around different parts of London. Along the way, we found a few interesting sights:

I have really really gotten into spinning and am loving the classes offered at my gym. But March held a very important fitness goal for me- I ran my first 5k! I know that for many people, this is not much of an accomplishment. But for me, as someone who doesn't run and who has never before enjoyed running as an exercise option, this is a big deal! Long distance running is in no way appealing to me, so I'm hoping to work on running the same distance in less time.

One weekend, Ben and I decided to go for some walking/hiking in the South Downs. We started at Ditchling Beacon, an area I had never been to but was eager to explore. Along the way, we saw the Jack and Jill Windmill and then in an attempt to get to Devil's Dyke, we went in the completely wrong direction and got to the Chattri. We then just decided to walk home, a total of 11 miles.

We went to London again about mid-way through the month in celebration of Ben's birthday. We did walking tours and tried out even more of the food markets around London. We started out at Maltby Market:

We then continued on to Greenwich, an AMAZING area that we both loved:

And saw the Meridian line!

And finally, we hit up London one last time in March. This time, it was to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra play the music to Pirates of the Caribbean at the Royal Albert Hall. But not before heading to Portebello Market:

Then we headed straight to the concert and it was AMAZING