Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Reindeer! Dominik goes back to Germany

This is Dominik:

And it is the most epic picture of him I could find. Notice the intense excitement about the food in front of him!
If you remember from my past post, I met Dominik at the International Trivia Night that was put on by the University at the beginning of the school year. Our friendship grew off of an interest in trivia and each others country's politics.You may also remember me writing about my first consumption of Reindeer, and Domi was one of the people I went with. He's been a good friend throughout these past two terms and I'm sad to see him head back to Germany. But with me being here for 4 years and Oktoberfest being in Munich, I have a feeling we will be able to hang out again!
We went out to Northern Lights (which serves reindeer) on Tuesday, the night before Domi left to go back home. It was a fun (and delicious) night, although sad. I had WAY too many Rekorderlig, which is a DELICIOUS Swedish cider that I've just discovered. However, its super sweet so drinking too many made me over-sugared out. Between a few of those and some German ginger cookies, I was dying of too much sugar.
Another memorable (but in a sad way) moment of the week was last night- my neighbor Chad's last night before moving to another housing accommodation. With all of the housing issues we've had, I'm really not surprised that he's leaving. However, its so sad! Our little community here is great and he's an important piece of it. Luckily, he's not leaving to return to Canada (yet) so we will still have good times.
With friends leaving and moving, I'm coming to a very sad realization- By September, the majority of my friends will have returned to their countries of origin. The majority of the people I know here are Master's students or study abroad students and all of their programs will have finished by the next school year. However, there is still lots of time (lots of SUNNY time) before they leave, so I'll try to not think about it if I can help it!
Speaking of the sun- let's chat about how sunny and amazing its been recently! There are daffodils EVERYWHERE, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my productivity is taking a nose-dive. On Wednesday, I took a midday break with a few of my peers to sit out and enjoy the sun. We shared a pitcher of Pimms (which is very British) and I must say it is quite good! Also, after being outside for only two hours, I got a sunburn. Let me explain the irony. FIRST, I got so ridiculously pale from the lack of sun, that when it came out I burned right away. SECONDLY, (and mostly by my British peers' observance) I am from California and really shouldn't have burned... and I was the first person to get sunburned that I know of haha. Good news- my burn turned into a tan. WIN. Maybe I'll be able to recapture some of my pigment by my birthday!
I tried a new gym class on Friday- Step Aerobics. Its not offered during the school year, but since there is a month of Spring Break the classes are seriously slashed, which makes room for them to add the Step class. I really enjoy it but it was SO intense. My cardio isn't great at the moment, so an hour of Step was crazy. However, I really like it and would recommend it to any one looking to up their cardio. Also, there's a bonus of a good ab and leg work-out!
Today, I had to work (boo). But before that,  I went to see The Hunger Games movie. It was good! Now, I always have issues when books that I REALLY like are turned into movies... But it was still pretty good. It mostly just made me even more want to read the next two books in the trilogy. It also made me miss Mary (who you may know as one of my friends from water polo and the person I lived with in my senior year at Santa Cruz).
I have pictures from this past week and when I get them up, I'll upload them :)

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