Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alzheimer's Research UK

The sun has been shining, my skin has regained some of its pigment, and I am LOVING this weather. However, it looks like we are getting back into overcast weather. I'm really not used to this wishy-washy weather!!!
The big event of this past week was the Alzheimer's Research UK conference in Birmingham that I went to from Monday-Wednesday. The conference was interesting and has given me some interesting career prospective (like working with IPS cells or looking at the epigenetic effects). But it was SO hard to be inside all day when the sun was shining outside.
Birmingham was nice- I really only stayed in the Victoria Square area (and didn't venture out much further than that). And I was in heaven in my hotel room. The bed was HUGE, there was a bath tub, and no noisy upstairs neighbor to keep me awake at night!

Besides that, I've been working hard on experiments and having fun with friends. Not too much to say on that end, except I went into Preston Park for the first time (which is an area around Brighton). The actual park, which I didn't know even existed, is a nice and big open area with lots of space to enjoy the summer time! I can definitely see myself spending more time there :)
The next post promises to be better- With the Brighton and Hove Food Festival coming up, you can bet that I will be ALL over that! So hopefully I'll have a lot to say next time.

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