Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ok, ok, ok. So I know that I've been bad about keeping this updated. I'm off to a bad start for 2012, but I'll try and get better as the year progresses!
I have been REALLY busy with work. I've finished molecular training and will start my LONG list of molecular experiments in two weeks. The behavioral pharmacology experiments will start in two weeks as well. And the TEM experiment is still going strong; I'll soon be good enough to continue working on my own. The past two weeks have been intense, so this coming week I've signed up for a lot of "Transferable Skills" courses. These are basically professional seminars that offer a wide range of research-based skills. I'm looking forward to getting into the classroom and out of the lab for a little. I haven't even been back a month and I'm already ready for another vacation! Haha
My midyear progress report is coming up on Valentine's Day, so wish me luck! The mid year should be easy, its the year progress report that's more intense. But that's not until June, so I'm avoiding thinking about it until then.
I've been surprisingly good about being social, considering how busy I've been with work! Some highlights- My floor got together for a DELICIOUS potluck two Fridays ago. I brought Zucchini Brownies, but they really ended up as Zucchini Blob. The taste was there, but it didn't cook correctly AT ALL because our ovens are so bad. I will no longer attempt baked goods in this oven. Another highlight was getting reindeer with a few friends. It was SOO delicious. I think I like it more than beef. If you haven't tried reindeer, do it! And lastly, a highlight was going to pub trivia this past Thursday. We got second to last place, but I love a good game of trivia, so I was perfectly happy (it also helped that I had a goats cheese and caramelized red onions grilled cheese with rosemary french fries on the side).
So, Superbowl Sunday. The Pack didn't make it AND the 49ers didn't make it. Boo. BUT! One of the bars on campus will be showing it live, so I'll be going to that (until I'm too tired and need to sleep).
Now, for my whiny Californian complaint. ITS SOOOOO COLD :(. Its literally freezing. LITERALLY. It snowed while I was walking to work, but not enough to pack up on the ground. But it seemed like California after the wildfires with all of the ash in the air. I was quite confused. With it this cold though, it needs to snow. Snow would make it worth being this cold. Although, I can't complain too much during the day because it has been quite sunny!

Talk to you all later, as long as I don't freeze!

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  1. yay! all of your fun activities were with me. friend love!