Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

2012- The last year of the rest of our lives. The supposed end of the world is coming up. ...Even though the same people said that the rapture was supposed to occur on my birthday, but people didn't suddenly start dying then either. Can I still use this year as a final hurrah, even if I don't believe the world is ending? I'd like an excuse for extra fun in my life, regardless of how ridiculous the reason. I'm actually quite looking forward to the hype that will be coming up towards the end of the year. However, its just the beginning of 2012. And I already know this will be a good year. How, you ask? Well, because it will be my first full year living in another country. And that ain't small potatoes my friends!
The beginning of my English year:
The trip back to Brighton from my Christmas vacation started out with a fizzle- I got back, I got sick, it got worse, and I was out for a week. After some much needed antibiotics, I've recovered. However, not only was it a lame start to my English year, but it leaves this week's blog post begging for more substance than I can really offer.
However, the beginning of this week was better. Yesterday, I gave my first talk as a PhD student. And according to some of the professors who attended, I did well! Although, I don't remember what happened- I was so nervous that its all just a blur. The presentation was about the research I will be doing and I gave the talk to a small group of researchers who are interested in Alzheimer's between University of Sussex and University of Brighton. I was the only presenter who was a PhD student- everyone else was a professor. It was extremely nerve-racking. However, it allowed me to be part of an advanced discussion between people who's intelligence I greatly respect.
Besides that talk, I've been doing more training. I've also gotten brain sections set up on to slides so that I can soon start imaging using the electron microscope and doing my TEM research. Very exciting stuff for me, very boring stuff for you to read. So lets move on...
This weekend is the annual free entry to the Royal Pavillion day! And I'm quite excited to go back.
Honestly guys, at this point I'm grasping for straws for something to talk about. So I'm going to end with a nice little set of pictures that my friends have given me from past adventures.

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