Sunday, May 12, 2013

Its been a good long time since I've written an actual post...

I've got a few months to cover with this post. And as per usual, I'll be keeping the words down and the photo montage up! Because I'm assuming that is what everyone prefers.

March flowers:

March is the month full of wildflowers. Blues and purples pop up first, followed by whites and yellows. Beautiful!

Also in March, I went to the Alzheimer's Research UK conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. But we were there for such a short amount of time, that this is all I got to see of Belfast. They make a mean sticky toffee pudding.
April flowers:

The wildflowers are still around and the daffodils start to come out! As you can see, it was snowing into April. Which means it was officially the longest winter of my life. Le boo.

For Ben's birthday (which is actually in the end of March), we went to London to see the Science Museum. And we also took a walking tour around the area. Below is Royal Albert Hall and beneath that is my favorite part of the Science Museum- the household textiles model.

Ben and I had a weekend away at Easter, where we first went to Leeds Castle.

It was really cool. There were wild birds everywhere, including peacocks and black swans! They also had some medieval games set up (like archery) and had an awesome maze. I'll grab those pictures from Ben and post them later.
After Leeds Castle, we visited a little seaside town called Whitstable. The area is known for its oysters.

The next day, we were off to Canterbury Cathedral. And luckily for us, we went during the yearly pilgrimage which made for an even better experience.

Mid/end of April I moved. And I couldn't be happier to get out of that flat. We had non stop problems and it was 100% because the letting agency that we were renting through was TERRIBLE. Lies, fraudulent meter readings, anti-American behavior, and bullying are just a few of the ridiculous issues we had to go through for 8 months. And while moving is a pain, I'm SO happy to be away from that letting agency. If anyone is ever thinking of living in Brighton never ever EVER consider letting with Parsons Son and Basley. They are horrible and love to walk a fine line of what's legal and what's illegal. Just avoid them at all costs.

May flowers:

May is the month of tulips! These were planted, but wild tulips bloom all over and many many homes have tulips in their yards. May is also the month of bluebells and once I walk around in the South Downs (which I need to get out of the city to do), I'll take pictures and post them. Its amazing- you walk through a forested area and you are just surrounded by blue.

One of our new locals had a pork and cider festival, which I took part in. I had elderflower cider and blackcurrant cider. Needless to say, I was a happy camper :)
Its been fun exploring the new area and I have to say, I like the surrounding area a lot more than where I lived before.
Finally, throughout all of May, the Brighton Festival, Fringe Festival, and Artist Open House are going on. Ben and I have enjoyed listening to free comedy shows, looking at the diverse local artists, and will continue enjoying the art that fills the city as the month progresses. We have a three day concert festival coming up, our year anniversary, and my birthday! Oh, and an epic trip to Italy :)

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