Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The much delayed Paris blogpost!

I've finally stopped being lazy. And finally got the pictures from Ben. Now please, let me show you Paris (we went in November)

The first day was spent looking around the main sites and tasting all of the delicious food. I discovered that my favorite cheese is chevre. A very important thing to know in life. Thanks, Paris.
This was my first view of the Eiffel Tower. Amazing.
Arc de Triomphe. At the start of the Champs Elysees.
La Duree. The home of delicious macarons.
 Champs Elysees

Musee de Louve

Day 2 we spent significant time at Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur:
Town Hall
Just an adorable little square that we found, after stopping to grab a persimmon from a local market stall.
The Bastille
Before heading off to Notre Dame, we met with Apo for a delicious breakfast!
On the bridge over the Seine, in front of Notre Dame, couples put locks on the bridge to symbolize lifelong love.
Notre Dame

Beautiful :)
Awesome French signs.

Sacre Coeur and the views of Paris from the hill top
We found Montmartre, the art district, on accident and hung out there for awhile because it was so cool.
The infamous Moulin Rouge
Awesome signs of Paris

Day 3 we went to La Louvre and went up the Eiffel Tower
Oh, hello Ms. Lisa!
 Winged Victory
The outside architecture of the Louvre
Venus de Milo
The mummy!

Napolean rooms
Napolean rooms
Goodbye, Louvre!
Hotel de Invalides (Napolean is buried here)
Like I said, Napolean
Before the Eiffel Tower, they have these bear statues from around the world. So cool.

 Going up!
First floor view
Next floor up
Champagne at the top of the Tower

 The Statue of Liberty's sister
 The Eiffel Tower at night is BEAUTIFUL! It sparkles :)

On the final day, we went to Versailles.

Goodbye, Versailles!

And goodbye, France.

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