Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Society for Neuroscience conference (New Orleans)

I just got back from a long weekend in Paris and a weekend trip to Harry Potter in London! But before I post those, I still have the Society for Neuroscience conference/ New Orleans trip to post about first.

Society for Neuroscience is the largest Neuroscience society in the world and the SfN conference is the largest global Neuroscience conference. It was overwhelmingly huge. The were a lot of of talks going on for 5 days straight. So many so that it was impossible to hear everything at once. Even with only going to Alzheimer's-specific talks, I couldn't see everything. On top of the talks, most attendees present posters. So any relevant posters are also really good to see, as it is new and unpublished work. There were thousands of posters.

In the sea of posters, I presented my own. I had a good amount of people coming up to look at my research and ask about it. It was really nice being able to field questions and get others opinions. Most excitingly though, there were two professors who want to collaborate with my research. Professors are well-established people in the field, and having someone like that respect my research enough to want to collaborate is a really really big deal. So I am really happy about that!

Mom, Dad, and Danny came at the end of the conference and I stayed for an extra 4 days to explore New Orleans and see the fam. Here are some pictures of the epicness that was New Orleans. Places we hit: Bourbon Street, French Quarter in general, French market, Garden District, Lafayette cemetery, and the bayou!

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