Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spain. Portugal. The Jurassic Coast. Stonehenge. Salisbury. Part 2- Seville

The trip continued to Seville, Spain (my favorite Spanish city, which has inspired me to do a more in-depth Andalusia region trip of Spain with a little bit of Morocco thrown in as well).

This is the big, wooden waffle structure that was right outside of our hostel. I'm not sure why it was built or what it represents, but I thought it was pretty cool.
 Down a random street
 A random stumble upon. ...I forget what exactly this building was for. Something governmental.
 These ancient walls were all over the area we were exploring....

 Salmorejo (the orange stuff)!!!!
 The fountains in the middle of any surroundings dates back from the Moors
 The cross on the top of a cage- built way back when to capture all of the evil in the town.
 Down a Seville street
 La Giralda Tower
 Outside of the Cathedral
 The river!

 I believe this is called the Golden Tower... Not sure though.

 Plaza de Espana

 I love the tiling in Spain and Portugal!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

 The best paella of the trip!

 Inside the Cathedral
 Inside the Cathedral
I have a great story from Seville.While we were eating tapas, an older man (80s or 90s) gave us a note, written on a napkin, and some dried flowers. The note was in Spanish so I couldn't completely translate it, but the rough translation was "It was once said there were three daughters of Elena (who's Elena???). But you three are more (something I couldn't understand) and more beautiful than them. Kisses, Valentin" As we were about to go, we saw the older man great another man (60s or 70s). The younger of the two asked me if I spoke Spanish, I said a little, so he told us how he was the older man's son. And then they both kept telling us how attractive we are. It was hilarious! And what's nice about it is that it was a polite compliment. In the US (and even in the UK), you rarely get a polite compliment. It is usually something rude and disrespectful. So bravo Spain, you raised your men (in general) correctly.

I'll post two more parts to this one long post- Portugal and England. So keep watching this spot for more!

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