Friday, March 7, 2014

January and February 2014


The most exciting parts of the past two months have been the weekends away. The mini-vacations punctuated an otherwise intense workload... And work is not the most exciting thing to write about.
The whole reason why we were able to go on these two European excursions was because Eurostar had huge sales during the winter months. Ben and I took advantage of that.


 This is Mannekin Pis (the spelling may be off)... But this little guy is famous in Brussels. Keep an eye out for him later.
 Tin Tin was created in Brussels and the people love their comics! They respect it as an art form. We went on a street art walking tour of the different comic murals and this is just one of the gems we found.
 Ben stole Tin Tin's hair style


 European bread and patisseries are the best in the world. And it makes me so sad that you can't find anything like this in the US or UK (at least, they aren't all over like in continental Europe).
 MORE BEERS! I was in the land of Lambics and I was loving life.
 Mannekin Pis eating a waffle. Amazing.
The food in Brussles was phenomenal! I absolutely loved the city and would recommend it as a nice weekend trip for anyone.

January also saw the beginning of baking adventures and getting back into an exercise routine. How hilarious that the two came at the same time! I was going to weekly spin classes, which built up over a month to multiple weekly spin classes, and I now have spin classes and running re-instated into my life. It took so long to get back into the routine, but I've finally now gotten back into the swing of things. I just need to add in some lifting sessions and I'm set! But more excitingly, here are the details on the baking adventures!!!! Ben and I have been baking from the Mary Berry book and started with a Victoria Sponge:
Delightful. We will have to make our own jam when summertime rolls around.


I have now been to Paris twice, but still need to take a walking tour around Montmartre and go into Musee D'Orsay and L'Orangerie. I guess I'll just have to go next time!!!!

Our baking adventures at home continued with a Mary Berry Battenburg Cake (except we made pecan/spice instead of vanilla/walnut):
THIS recipe for bread and butter pudding:
THIS recipe for Buttermilk Pie:
The Mary Berry Tarte au Citron (which we sadly do not have a picture of).

And of course plenty of other delicious, non-sugar and butter based recipes.

Besides cooking and baking, we have been minorly exploring some pop-ups around Brighton. Half man Half burger pop-up and Likkle Bickle pop-up. I've only got the HMHB picture:

Besides food and travel, February also held a night of Derren Brown (a magician/ mind bender/ illusionist) and a concert with Eliza and the Bear and Luke Sital-Singh. I also, VERY EXCITINGLY, got some scholarship money for my PhD this past month!!!!! Overall, an epic start to 2014 and hopefully the rest of the year will continue this way!

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