Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Year in Flowers- February

The sun has been out for three days in a row now. THREE DAYS! Do you realize how exciting that is?!?!?! The days are also getting longer. Instead of the sun setting at 4 or so, its setting at about 5:30 now.
One of the things I LOVE about England is the different wild flowers that pop up as the seasons change from winter, to spring, into summer.
The flower year started about this week:

So much sunshine! Makes me sad that I have to be inside and work while its out. It also makes me itch to have an adventure. I'm not good at subduing my wanderlust when its this nice outside!

This past week has been insanely busy. Last Thursday, Valentine's Day, I was working late. So late, in fact, that Ben and I had to call the restaurant  we had dinner plans at and tell them we would be late. It was a stressful time finishing up- but in the end we made it and had a delicious dinner at Plateau.
Friday we had a journal club amongst some of the learning and memory PhD students. The journal club was great- lots and lots of conversation on the paper with everyone adding in their specific skills and knowledge. I'm hoping the next one goes just as well.
I've also been cranking out a lot of molecular data, which was produced Friday and this past Monday. I still need to analyze it all, but I'm very happy that I have mostly wrapped up my molecular work. Just in time to start getting a ton of imaging data. Which I hope to wrap up for good and get a paper out of sometime this year.
Of course, along with all the work, there's been birthdays, quiz nights, lots of cooking, and other enjoyable things going on. I'm currently looking for good slow cooker recipes, as Ben got me one for Valentine's Day. I have one cooking right now! But would love some recipes sent my way, so if you have any, please send them!!!
I'm also having some issues- I've been baking SO much, that I've developed a sweet tooth and find myself craving cakes and cookies. And this is terrible. So I'm off baking, for at least a week, and hopefully it will go away!!!! Because I'm just way way way too addicted to sweets at the moment.
Also- watch this little promo: Ben is in it and I think its awesome! I'm sure you can spot him (its a close-up on his face.... and he's the golfer).

And finally, here's what I've been cooking:
Eggdrop Soup!+Mail
Chocolate Brownie Cookies


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