Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Oh, its been a gooooood weekend. Long weekend, really. Ok, ok. Five days. Not every day was in celebration of my birthday, but I just happened to have five really amazing days in a row... with my birthday thrown in the mix.
Last Thursday, a bunch of friends and I went to a comedy show hosted by the group The Noise Next Door. They are a HILARIOUS group that does improvisation. They remind me a lot of the TV show "Who's Line Is It Anyway". The comedy show was part of the Fringe Festival and it made for a really good night.
On Friday, I was supposed to go out to different clubs with some friends, but that plan fell through and I spent the night in, watching a movie and eating unhealthy food with Caitlin. Before that, I had some long and intense gym workouts which was a nice end to the week. And actually, for the crazy weekend that was about to begin, this low key night was exactly what I needed.
Saturday was filled with epic-ness. First, I went to the Marina and saw two Brighton Festival shows- Trolleys and Push. Both were contemporary, which isn't really my cup of tea, but I enjoyed both a lot.
When the shows were over, I wandered around that area of the Marina. I'd never been to this part before and I had thought I'd seen it all! So that was a nice adventure. I ended up in a cafe to grab some food, but half of the cafe was a mini art gallery so I looked around there as well.

Apparently, I wasn't supposed to take pictures. So after I was told off, I quickly scooted out of there. I then went into town where I wandered down New Road- which has a bunch of random musicians, people in costumes, and people handing out flyers during the Fringe Festival. After some ice cream by the beach, I went off to a pub to watch the Champions League final. Chelsea (a London team) and Bayern Munich (a German team) were playing. First of all, those are my two favorite teams of ALL TIME. Secondly, a London-based team has never won the Champions League. Needless to say, the pub was PACKED (remember, I'm in England and they get more excited about football [soccer] than pretty much anything else... except maybe beer). The game was REALLY good. It went to penalty shoot out and in the end, Chelsea won by one penalty goal. The resulting eruption from the Brits surrounding me was INSANE. There was alcohol, glass, and bodies being thrown everywhere. I'm so happy I got to experience that, it was really awesome to see.
Sunday during the day ended up being a random adventure in Eastbourne- a nearby city that I hadn't been to yet. I walked along the seafront, which was nice because Eastbourne isn't nearly as crowded as Brighton, and there was a band on the beach playing Disney songs. It was awesome, until they stopped playing the Disney songs, so we moved along. I also got to see an art exhibit, which was interesting. What an artsy weekend I've had! Adding a little culture into my life before Sunday night.... when I went out for my birthday. We played pub golf. And instead of writing out how the night went, I'll show you in pictures:

End of round one.
End of round two.
End of round three.
End of round four.

End of game. With a final score of zero! Not too shabby.
Monday was my actual birthday. I worked on my report, but decided that I didn't want to spend the day in the office, so I went into town instead. I hung out at Wai Kika Moo Kau, a vegetarian (and possibly vegan?) restaurant that was on my Brighton bucket list. Not only did I mark that off, AND get good food, but I also hammered out a lot of my report. Before I go further- this past week has been great for my bucket list. I've marked off- Cala and Arrobas (Spanish restaurant), Eastbourne (city), The Basketmakers Arms (pub), and Wai Kika Moo Kau (Vegetarian restaurant). YAY! Ok, so anyway, after a long day of report-writing, I went off for some birthday dinner with a few close friends. But no, the adventure doesn't end there. Thats only four days!
On Tuesday, I learned how to play golf! (kinda) I went to the driving range. And failed miserably. BUT, I did hit the ball pretty far when I managed to actually hit it haha. I also got to spend more time at a marina, and look at boats, which is always a bonus in my book.

...I'm going to leave out the usual gym/food update. The majority of my birthday presents were food related. So... yeah. I'm in a fatty's paradise, but its not great for my waistline! But I DON'T CARE. Why, you ask? Three words- Macaroni and cheese.


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