Saturday, October 29, 2011

Looking forward to this weekend...

This past week in research news:
I met my co-supervisor. She's in Biochem and is working with the amyloid peptides that I'll be working with. I start basic training in her lab next week. Her name is Louise and seems very nice. I'm excited to have two good supervisors supporting me through this program.
I also gained a little more direction with what I want to be researching. For awhile, I felt like I was just reading random papers that had something generally to do with my interests. But I finally found a good, recent, paper and a good review. I talk with George about the practicalities of it all on Monday.
I feel like if I read through everything again, I'll form a better picture of the info. ...It'd be nice if my printer would come in the mail soon.... Sorry, I'm in England now. It'd be nice if it'd come in the post. :)
I'm currently trying to buy my plane ticket, but facing some issues with the actual purchasing. I finally have my bank account opened, access to the funds, and a working debit card. But I'm buying with United and they only take a card from the States. And, needless to say, I don't have a grand sitting in my bank account back home. Mom and Dad are going to purchase it for me and I'll just write them a check. So, hopefully, I'll soon be able to say with certainty "See you soon, California!".
What am I looking forward to most about going home for a bit? Seeing everyone (DUH. I feel like that is so obvious, it's hardly worth mentioning), driving down Highway 1, driving my car!!!!!!!, beef quesadillas at Kicos, hella Chipotle, chirashi at Sushi Totoro, and going to Blue and chatting it up with my faves Sal Corey Dave and Phoenix. I can still guarantee that they are the best bartenders. Oh, and of course- I can't wait to stroll down West Cliff and reunite with the Pacific.
Alright, the nostalgia is becoming a bit much. Time to move on...
Remember, a few posts ago, I mentioned that the university had asked to link my blog to their internet pages? Well, here are the links if you are interested in looking at that. The link to the ISAO website and the link to the university's USA facebook page. Caitlin showed me how to look at the stats of my blog and they've gone through the roof after these links were put up. I wasn't actually expecting anyone to look at it. Now I feel a little awkward haha. It doesn't help that someone, who I didn't know, asked me if I was the girl with the blog.
I'm too awkward for such things.

... And that's about ALL that happened last week. I feel bad, a week has gone by and I really have nothing interesting to talk about. BUT I will soon have interesting things to look forward to!
Tonight is White Night, the equivalent to Daylight Savings Time. Brighton stays open really late into the night and there are art exhibits out. I'm also headed to a Halloween party tonight with friends who I met at the International Student Welcome Party. Buuuut my costume is terrible. I brought a pirate hat from home... because why would I not have a pirate hat, makes perfect sense... and I kind of found clothes that work. Ish (not really). But terrible costume aside, tonight should be epic.
Diwali was last Wednesday (I believe... I might be wrong about that) and I'm looking to get some epic Indian food. Even if I have to go into Brighton by myself, I WILL find a restaurant to try. I haven't eaten out in Brighton since school started...
Monday is Halloween. And, if I'm being completely honest, I just want to go to Santa Barbara and enjoy the fantastic Halloween that Isla Vista puts on. Because they aren't as into Halloween here as back home. But that won't deter me. I have a jack-o-lantern outside of my door, going to a Halloween party tonight, and am watching scary movies and eating cheap candy on Monday with some of the floormates. I think that's an appropriate celebration of the holiday that I love.

I'm most looking forward to November 5th. I'm sure most of you have seen V for Vendetta and the character Guy Fawkes. Well, they celebrate Guy Fawkes Day over here with huge bonfires and fireworks. I'll be going to Lewes (one of the biggest Nov 5th bonfire sites in England) in celebration. Caitlin and I had talked about exploring Lewes anyway, so we are going to make a day out of the trip.

Well, that's it for now. I need to do some laundry (I'm gonna attempt to hand wash... wish me luck) and cleaning before tonight!

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